The only studio in Sydney to have a range of Vintage styled sets just for Boudoir Photography. We have had ladies traveling from all over Australia and even as far as  Asia and Dubai because they loved the style of our boudoir photography and the magical settings we have.

Take a look below and choose your favourites.



The Vintage Studio

The Bay Window

Over 100 years old our magnificent Bay Window is a big favourite. The light wraps around your body highlighting some amazing curves.

This setting is fantastic for strong black and white images that show off your legs and heels. Shiny black is the best! Also great for some 'cheeky' photos too!



The Faded Fairytale Bedroom

Inspired by old photos we had seen of girls bedrooms out in the country. With a beautiful aged dressing table, a timber carved bed, lace curtains and 100 year old timber windows.

A perfect setting to feel like a girl again, brushing your hair, touching up  your lippy, and deciding which lingerie and jewelery to wear today. After all they are the most important part!


Southern France

Soft and daydreamy to sensual and passionate. This setting makes your skin look amazing because of all the warm coloured tones reflecting around the room.

Sheer lingerie is wonderful in this setting. Especially long sheer gowns or very thin white dresses. The light shines through them beautifully.

Evening Glamour

Sexy Cocktail style dresses, Venetian masks, long gloves.... A little mystery and elegance is what this setting is all about.

Also beautiful to create some non-revealing images that would be suitable for anywhere in your home.

The glass chandelier adds some luxury and a warm glow to this setting.

The Attic

We love contrasting beautiful feminine smooth skin, with masculine colours and textures, old timber trunks, a fireplace and vintage cameras and books.

The Window that lights this setting is from an old Convent and the light it casts is quite incredible. You will see its quality in the close up portraits.

Pure White

Often the first set used for your boudoir session, it is light, fun, and a little cheeky. Great to get your giggles out and create some fresh fashion style images.

Bright coloured lingerie works best along with some great heels.

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