Mystery Ladies Story...

"I gave him the thing he would

love the most,

sexy me instead of Mum me..."

I was searching for a gift for my husbands 30th. I ended up with a gift for him and the biggest present I have ever given myself!

My husband and i have been together for 12 years and finding something that he would love was quite a task, so i gave him the thing he would love the most, sexy me instead of Mum me.

I was insanely nervous but after talking to Brian i was totally put at ease that he would take some beautiful photos and have a good time in the process. The day itself was one of the most exciting, nerve wracking and eye opening days of my life. The hair and makeup was beautiful and Brian taught me how to be sexy (he has a very good strut and poses better than a Victoria Secret model!). I honestly wish I could afford to do it monthly to remind myself I am a sexy woman not just a Mum slave!

The end result was a very surprised and happy hubby and a big old self confidence boost for me, and beautiful photos that we will treasure together forever.

Now one of my best friends is about to have her shoot next week with Brian and I cant wait to see him transform her into the bombshell she is!

Thank you Brian for our beautiful photos and I hope I will get to have the experience again one day, I believe your studio is truly unique and you are a very talented photographer.

Z. M.

Carmen's Story...

"I Can't describe how amazing Brian was during the shoot.

It's the greatest experience that I've had in years..."

Jenny's Story...

"He makes you feel really comfortable and good about yourself,  and I think he may even be a guru of sorts!..."

When I decided to do a photoshoot with Brian, I hoped I would have a memorable gift for my husband and maybe even boost my confidence a bit as well.

Well, there is no doubt I got both of those things but I also got so much more. At the end of the day I felt like I had a whole different perspective on how I am in my relationship and in my life in general. Most importantly, I think, I learned that it is okay to let go of the wheel.

I recommend Brian to anyone; his photographs are fantastic, he makes you feel really comfortable and good about yourself, and I think he may even be a guru of sorts! :-) Seriously awesome day and my husband loved loved loved the photos.

                  Jenny Cohen



Elizabeth's Story...

"Exuding elegance and class yet sensual at the same time..."

If Mona Lisa had Leonardo Da Vinci then Brian is that kind of an artist... Turning a picture into something more than just an image... Exuding elegance and class yet sensual at the same time, with his eye for details.

Having been a fan on his page for the longest time, admiring all the photos, I'm really glad to say that I did it too! I LOVE my photos and Brian made the 'task' to be one of the most memorable things that I did for my holiday in Sydney! So much fun and laughter :)

A BIG thank you to the staff of Boudoir Image as well as the lovely Helen for the beautiful makeup!

Elizabeth Choo

Caitlin's Story...

"You have nothing to lose and you

will never regret this..."

I had so much fun getting my photos done by Brian!

The amazing work that he and his girls do will leave you speechless. Right from the moment you send that email, or make that phone call, you will be treated like a star. Brian is great at just being able to help you look and feel your best, and can make you relax.

It will start off a little intimidating, because everyone knows how they WANT to look in photos, and Brian can help you get there. This is an experience that you should do, for someone you love - be it you, a partner, a friend - someone. You will not regret it, and you will feel amazing - during and after the shoot, and especially when you see the results.

If you are at all unsure, check out the website at any of the photos, they are just ordinary people, and the Boudoir Photography team have brought out their inner angels on the other side!


Sarah's Story...

"I loved the vintage style...It had a great atmosphere and was exactly

what I was looking for..."

I wanted to give my Husband photos of me that were sexy & beautiful but classy.... it wasn't easy to find but Boudoir Image is the one!

I was nervous & self conscious but the girls at the studio and especially Brian made me feel amazing. My husband ADORED them. He'd never been given anything like it before and, as he is a photographer himself, it was all the more special.

It is a day I'll never forget and we have amazing images too keep for a lifetime. You won't have a moments regret.

Sarah Fudge

Ginger Lee's Story...

"Thank you for bringing the best out of me on the day..."

I would like to say thank you to Brian and his team, including Helen Sotis Makeup, for making my boudoir experience exceptionally enjoyable!

The team at Boudoir Image create a relaxing atmosphere with their professionalism and friendly attitude.

I couldn't be happier with the quality of photos and look forward to booking another photography session in the future.

It was so much fun and it was great to work with a professional.

Ginger Lee

Sallyanne's Story...

"the feedback I have had from people when they've seen the photos is incredible..."

I would like to thank Brian and the team at Boudoir Image for making me feel so comfortable and for the work they do. Leading up to the day, on the day and even after the day, they were all so friendly and helpful.

I enquired with a few other photography companies, and they either didn't get back to me or didn't seem to have the same interest as Brian in working to make the photos as unique or personal.

I am really glad I decided to do the shoot and the feedback I have had from people when they've seen the photos is incredible. It really is a good way to make you feel better about yourself. Partner or not, I would really recommend it to any female! I look at the photos all the time and they always put a smile on my face.


Mystery Lady's Story

"I had no idea how sexy

I could be....Thank you for being such a genius in bringing

that out of me!...."

Thank you for such an empowering experience.

It has certainly given me confidence in my own body, embracing the perfections and not-so-perfections and definitely the moves and stances that will give me the best, feminine shape to be admired!

Your professionalism, your creativity and coaching throughout the different scenes and your talent behind the camera are amazing. I would highly recommend this to any girl even just to learn about how to get the most out of your body!

Definitely tiring but you've been ever so patient and professional, it has been exhilarating, fun, sensual and a massive confidence booster working with you..


*A mystery lady is a client who wants to keep their identity private but has been kind enough to allow us to use some of their photos.

Emma's Story...

"For the first time in 24 years I love my body and I have you to thank for that..."

I'd like to start by saying thank you to the girls for making me feel welcome through the whole experience. You were wonderful! X.

Brian, you have no idea how you had changed my outlook on not just life but my body and how I view myself. For the first time in 24 years I love my body and I have you to thank for that :)

I loved your honesty throughout the whole photo shoot and helping me to help you get the best photo for my wonderful now husband. I was very nervous at the beginning but found it easy to relax and enjoy myself the more photos you took.

I have taken your advice with regards to compliments. You told me that every time I get a compliment from someone I had to thank them and not just shrug it off like I used to.

My hubby adores the photos that you took and now takes the mini photo album everywhere with him :)

I know it says in most if not all of the testimonials about recommending you to women of all shapes and sizes but I really do recommend you to all the beautiful women out there to come and see you Brian.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Brian, you're a true gentleman.

Emma Walker

Sophie's Story...

"Anyone thinking of doing it, just do it!! Stop waiting around and just book. You won't regret it..."

I don't think the are any words to accurately explain how amazing it feels to compare how you feel before the session to how you feel after. You feel so feminine and so much more confident afterward.

Sometimes it's important to remember how to be a lady. It is there within us all, we just need to coax it out!

The experience is amazing and highly recommended to others.

Sophie Hartley

Kylie's Story...

"Finding out I could feel and look

as amazing as the other

boudoir image clients was such a

confidence boost...."

I decided to do something special for my husband and thought a boudoir shoot was a great idea. I chose Boudoir Image after looking at their website and Facebook page, everyone on there looked amazing! I wanted to create something sexy, classy and unique, Brian most definitely did that!

Like most women considering a boudoir shoot I was initially nervous however after a few emails and a phone call my mind was put at ease and I looked forward to the big day.

Part of the fun was choosing new lingerie and outfits for the shoot :) It was an exhausting yet exhilarating day, finding out I could feel and look as amazing as the other boudoir image clients was such a confidence boost.

I couldn't be happier with the shots, it was really hard to narrow down my favourites for the album!

Thanks again Brian for your dedication to creating art that is not just great but truly exceptional.

Kylie Day

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