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Boudoir Image Photography ~ Vintage Studio ~ DURAL~ Sydney, Australia

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Welcome to Boudoir Image Photography. The only Boudoir and Glamour photography studio in Sydney with Vintage French inspired settings. Located in North West Sydney this is not your typical glamour or lingerie photographer or art nude photographer, our artworks are sensual, creative and can be colour or black and white photography . They make a perfect wedding night gift or anniversary gift for your husband. Gift Vouchers are also available . Choose Boudoir Image as your professional glamour , lingerie and pinup photographer in Australia.


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Vintage Studio: Dural 2158. NSW Sydney AUstralia














































We are a professional glamour and boudoir portrait photographer studio, Boudoir Image Photography, based in Sydney, Australia specializing in indoor boudoir and lingerie photography in our very own vintage style studio. This Boudoir Image style includes art nude photography and lingerie photography all in our studio in Sydney, Australia. We don't  do wedding shoots anymore; instead, we specialise in creating a beautiful gift for the wedding night or a surprise anniversary gift. Our Boudoir Photography album makes a perfect personalized gift for occasions like these. On our website you will find samples of all these styles of lingerie and glamour style photography as well as art nude and fashion. A lot of our clients are from the Sydney Metro area but we have clients who travel from all over Australia for our very special style of Boudoir photography.


Although the following information is here mostly for search engines like Google to know what we do, you are welcome to read through it. However, to get the best experience from our website and to trulys see what we're all about, scroll back up and visit our other  pages by clicking one of the buttons in the menu.


Brian Chapman is one of the most influential award-winning photographers in boudoir and glamour portraiture in northwest Sydney. At Boudoir Image Photography, we take away the stressful task of driving all over Sydney to find different locations for your sensual portrait photography session; instead, you just head over to our studio in Kellyville and enjoy a relaxing time in Sydney’s largest photography studio. Located in the Hills area of Sydney, very close to Dural, Glenhaven, Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Cherrybrook and the M2 motorway.


If you're looking for a lingerie photographer, Black and white artistic nude portraits, art nude photographer, wedding anniversary gift vouchers, or glamour boudoir photographer then you have found the right studio with Boudoir Image Photography.


We have won several photography awards with AIPP, and we can guarantee that you will enjoy the end product of your photo session at Boudoir Image because for us, client satisfaction comes first. We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible for clients looking for a nice experience in boudoir photography.


You can see exactly how much each photo will cost you since our prices are listed on our website. We even provide a 100% money back guarantee on all our work. We want your experience at our indoor vintage style studio to be unforgettable.


No matter where you are in Sydney Australia, you are not too far from our studio which is only 45 minutes from the Central Business District along the M2 motorway. Now instead of reading any further we would really prefer you took a look through our website by clicking on one of the menu buttons above. The information below is informative but really quite boring to read through!


Boudoir Image Photography caters for stylish, sensual intimate photography in our vintage style studio. We take the time to help our clients with their posing and expressions, and our skill in lighting and composition creates absolutely stunning images that don’t look staged or contrived. Excellence in all that we do ensures that you not only receive the highest quality in images, but also thoroughly enjoy a wonderful experience at your photo shoot.


Our private indoor studio will be dedicated exclusively for your boudoir session so that you can relax in knowing there won’t be people wandering through the studio. It is NOT a home garage, or somebody's spare bedroom. The studio is an established business of 10 years with a custom built area in the style of an old chapel amongst beautiful landscaped gardens on acreage. There is a range of different settings like our country girls bedroom with old windows, faded wallpaper, and antique dressing table, and the Southern France inspired kitchen with aged timber table, 100 year old windows, and other props. The magnificent bay window is also a stunning setting for full length images showing all the right curves. There is also the fashion studio area with black velvet background curtains, vintage chairs and polished floorboards. Our newest set is our 1950s inspired candy striped pin up girl setting. Great pastel colours and props including an old radio, polished black Bakelite phone, shipping trunk and more.


The Boudoir Image Photography Studio is located in Sydney, on an acreage property in the hills area about 45 minutes from the city centre.


Many of our customers have commented that we are the best boudoir photographer in Sydney. The images we create for you are stylish, sensual and creatively artistic without being tacky or sleezy. Sure enough, we have ladies coming from all over Sydney to our photography studio, which is fantastic. We have even had clients come from interstate to have us photograph them as a special gift for their fiancé or husband on their anniversary. Many people find us through Google; they search for Boudoir photographers in Sydney, and we have made it quite easy to find our website.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Where abouts is your Studio?

Our Boudoir Photography Studio is located in Sydney Australia. About 45 minutes from the city centre. It is in the Hills District near Castle Hill.

The actual address is changing as we are rebuilding our studio at Dural.


What suburbs are near you?

Baulkham Hills , Castle Hill , Glenhaven , Dural , Annangrove , Kellyville , Rouse Hill , Glenwood , Bella Vista , Norwest Business Park and Castle Towers are all within 10 minutes of our portrait photography studio. Cherrybrook , Kenthurst , Pennant Hills , Blacktown , Maraylya , Pitt Town , Seven Hills , West Pennant Hills and Kings Langley are all within 15 minutes of our portrait photography studio. Parramatta , Ryde , Hornsby , Wentworthville , Pendle Hill , Northmead , Toongabbie , Richmond and Windsor are all within 30 minutes of our portrait photography studio.


Are you a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers?

Yes we are a member of the AIPP in fact we are accredited with them which means we are bound by their code of ethics and also have to be of a high professional standard to be approved as an AIPP member. Our principal photographer Brian Chapman served on the AIPP council for 2 years and was involved in organising many of the events and seminars. We have won a number of awards for our photography both for our photographic prints and also our portrait albums


Do you have any packages for your photography?

We like to keep it simple and give you the choice as to what you would like. So we don’t have any set packages or minimum orders. We only want you to invest in our wall portraiture if you truly love it. You are free to choose which photos you like in whatever size photos will suit your home.


Do you provide portrait framing?

Yes we provide a full photography framing service which includes a framing consultation where we will have an experienced framing consultant help you to choose the best colour matts and frames to bring your photos to life and turn them into wall art!

Framing is, we believe a very important part of your boudoir wall portrait. Many photographers only have a very basic range of frames for their portraiture because they see it as too much trouble to design something nice. We prefer to treat each portrait as a unique piece that deserves individual attention. Our framing consultant will take into account the colours within the photograph as well as the style of furniture in your room and the overall feel you want to achieve. Even if you have no idea, we will make it easy for you by using our experience at choosing the best matts and mouldings for your portrait. A Well framed boudoir Portrait will become a quality piece of furniture in your room if designed well.


How can I tell the difference between a good boudoir portrait photographer and a bad one?

Sometime this can be very obvious with the style and quality of the images. But often it is the small things that make all the difference. It is like with any field of work, generally the more experienced the craftsman, the better the result will be. I know that when I first started many years ago, my images where pretty average. Now after many years of experience and a well trained team we know that we can produce consistently beautiful results for each individual client.


So what should you look for?

First of all look at how the images make you feel. Can you see the love, the intimacy that makes a portrait so special? Do the subjects look like they are totally in the moment or do they look like they are just posing? If you compare the photos of various boudoir photographers you may notice that some have beautiful shots, in a fashion style but they lack that real sense of genuine sensual intimacy. Hopefully you can see the difference with our work. We strive to not just create a nice picture but to convey an emotion, to connect with the viewer.


Are the images in focus?

This may seem like something you should take for granted. But so often I see other photographers work and because they don’t have the experience of working with real people that aren’t models along with challenging lighting conditions, their images are often quite out of focus. If you are just going to have a small print to go on your desk this may not even be noticeable, but if you want a wall portrait it may look terrible if not photographed technically well. There are many weekend photographers in Sydney, and many who have bought a digital camera and decided to call themselves a portrait photographer. It's a bit like giving someone a microphone and calling them a singer. It takes years of refining your craft to consistently produce quality results.



Is it a reputable studio?

This one is very important. With this style of revealing photography you need a studio that is professional and 100% trustworthy. You don’t want your images appearing in places you didn’t approve or know about. You also want a photographer who acts in a professional manner with you and doesn’t see it as an opportunity to take advantage of you. Whilst our studio has only been photographing Boudoir style for a few years as it is a relatively new in Australia, we are very established in other areas of photography like Families and children in our outdoor garden studio. The studio operates full time with 5 staff. All images you see in our gallery are from clients who have been generous enough to give us permission to use their photos for our display prints and gallery. You have the right to say you would like to keep your images private if you choose and we will honour that choice.

Why does a professional portraiture seem to cost so much?

Yes it is true there is a reasonable amount of cost involved in getting professional wall portraits but that is only if you compare it to a quick snap photo printed at a mini lab. Sure you might on occasion get a pretty good photo doing it yourself. But the amount of effort that goes into a real portrait is what makes the difference. At Boudoir Image Photography we have firstly built a whole range of different background settings for your photos, as we believe that a good boudoir portrait starts with a good location. Having sets that are professionally built and painted means they don’t have a tacky pretend look that can sometimes be found with studio photography. Most people are amazed to see that our photo sets are in fact ‘sets’ They look as real as going to all different locations like historic buildings which you wouldn’t normally be able to access particularly for this style of photography.


All of our boudoir, glamour and art nude portraits are printed on professional grade papers, which will ensure they will last a long time. In fact, if professionally framed, they are expected to look fantastic for somewhere near 75+ years, without fading. This means they really will be handed down through generations to come.

So whilst purchasing some wall portraits may seem like a 'cost' upfront, they will very quickly become an investment in your home that will be treasured. What is the first thing that people grab in a house fire? It isn't the new dishwasher, or the LCD television, it is their most treasured portraits.

Many families even comment that they were going to spend the same amount of money on a Art Print and frame for their wall, but then decide that they would much prefer that 'Art Print' to be their own personal boudoir photograph.


How do you get the ladies in your boudoir portraits to look so relaxed and enjoying themselves?

The clients that we photograph look relaxed and having fun, because they are!  That is what we do so well. Our total focus is on you, the customer having a great time and getting the shot! At times we joke around a lot to get you relaxed and at other times we coach you with clear directions on which way to turn, to stand, to place your hands, the angle of your face. All of these details are what makes an image so evocative, so intimate and personal to the viewer which is most often the husband or partner of our client.


How do I know this will be a good experience?


Well it's a little hard when you haven't been to the studio and probably haven't met Brian and the team, so how about reading through the reviews from other clients - You will find a collection on the website under the heading 'raves' These are letters/emails written to us from ladies we have photographed. By law we are not allowed to alter these and we cant 'pay' for them. Not even with gifts. These are people that are just genuinally happy with the whole experience and wanted to let us know by writing it down. We treasure these letters we receive. Take a few minutes to read through them and see why.


Thanks for reading and we look forward to photographing you soon.





Boudoir Image Photography ~ Vintage Studio ~ DURAL ~ Sydney, Australia ~